A Long Time Ago

I like the way events in the present and plans for the future often connect to events in my past. One of the themes in my life is the notion of coming “full-circle,” of interconnectedness, connections of unexpected and delightful things. I am a paradox of sorts to myself in many ways, such as the fact that I have a strong and weak sense of history at the same time.

The other day, Sara met my father and her observations created that sense of coming “full-circle” in me. Over breakfast today, “eggs” with cumin and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla, I showed her some of the very, very old writings for RPG simulations I created with friends of mine.

It was a blast from the past to read these myself, and I’m still floating somewhere off in space because of it.

4 replies on “A Long Time Ago”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you still have that stuff! That was one of the better RPGs we did, I think. We had some pretty detailed little “episodes.” *sigh* Fun times! What did Sara think of them?

  2. It was fun to read – you guys were (are) hard core geeks! I liked seeing the reflections of grown-up Mei in the character he created. I suspect that happens for most young writers. I definitely look back on some of the characters I made and laugh because I’ve kind of grown into them myself.

  3. ha! found you! see, told you i’d remember. maymay.net. i was not drunk enough to forget you!

    hope you had a good time fooling around with little link. har har. see you soon! :)

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