Crack of Thunder

At the periodontist today I had my oral implant, the stud for what would have been the crown of a fake tooth, removed. One thing led to another after I left the doctor’s office. I got angry.

At home I picked up the medications from the pharmacy which I had prescriptions for. Sara said she’d take a nap, but I wasn’t tired. It started to rain. Then I heard thunder.

While Sara slept, I took the opportunity to take my single-tail whip, and juggling gear, to the park. I left a note:

Went to the park. Have my cell.

Love, —Meitar

It started raining harder as I walked through Bennett Park. I had originally intended to crack the whip a bit there but as the rain intensified I just felt like walking further. I headed to Fort Tryon Park.

Lightning crackled in the air and thunder boomed as I approached. The rotary at the entrance to the park was emitting a thin, light mist due to the dense cold rain hitting the heated pavement. It felt magical to walk through that veil of steam slowly.

I passed Heather Garden and staked out a small, empty lawn overlooking the Hudson River as my own. I set my backpack and juggling gear down and took out the whip. The weather matched my mood; big, heavy drops of chilling rain, fast flashes of lightning and then a slow, rumbling thunder.

I cracked the whip. Then I cracked the whip again. I took over for the thunder.

I was there for an hour. The rain felt like it was searing through me, hitting my skin, digging a hole through my body and falling to the ground beneath me, cleansing me of my bad mood. It was like I had made friends with the lightning and the wind.

By the time I was read to leave, the rainclouds began to pass on and the sun was creeping out from behind them. Does the weather influence my mood or do I influence the weather?

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  1. I’ve always felt like rain dissolved my skin and let me flow out into it, because it matched my insides so well. I never even thought being anything but passive, or of being the friend to it that it was to me. I am admiring and jealous of your ability to live out your emotions.

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