Update from the Road

Am writing from Lakefront Electronics’ free public Wi-Fi spot in St. Ignace, Michigan. I just helped Clyde, the owner, switch his SSID to his store name. I hope he manages to convince the town to make the lake front street a huge Wi-Fi hotspot. Good luck, Clyde.

Sara and I have been camping each night for a week (with gourmet steak dinners to boot), visited Montrèal and drove through Ontario. (Toronto’s really nice.) Tonight it’s through Michigan, eventually to Chicago and then a swing out westward. Lots of state parks in Idaho, so we’ll be fine.

Life is good. :)


  1. nick Moscovitz says:

    At last wee hear from you. My good thoughts and blessings are sent to you. What an adventure…
    We are in Tel-Aviv, on those sunny beaches, and eating fine food. I miss you so much. Take care.

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