MySync: Mac-to-Mac Syncing without dotMac

Here’s an early holiday gift to everyone who’s asked me about how to sync their Safari bookmarks, Address Book contacts, iCal calendars, and Mail accounts without purchasing the $99 per year .Mac account from Apple: use MySync. From the web site:

MySync provides the Mac-to-Mac syncing capabilities of .mac, without .mac

Instead of syncing your data via Apple’s servers, MySync runs in a Master-Slave configuration on your local network.

MySync uses the Apple Sync Engine built into Tiger, just like .mac and Apple’s iSync.

Tiger supports syncing for the following data types: Bookmarks, Calendars, Contacts, Keychains1, Mail Accounts, and Mail Rules,
Signatures, and Smart Mailboxes.

As more applications utilise Apple’s Sync Engine, MySync will automatically support them.

Since I have a .Mac account (and yes, of course I use it for more than just syncing), I haven’t bothered to try this program out. If you do, I’d like to hear how well it works for you. Happy holidays.