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Earlier today I mentioned to Sara that it seemed to me as if so much had changed in our lives in the past eight months. Ten months ago I was just getting out of a painful relationship, and she was a college student. Then for four months we were living out of the back of a car while we travelled across 14,000 miles of North America. Now we’re living in a very New York apartment with concerns like finding jobs and making money.

And in a few more weeks, my life will change drastically yet again; the other day I was informed that I had been officially hired for a new job in (what else?) tech support for Macs.

Even though I am very excited, and internally I feel like jumping for joy and throwing boxes of confetti everywhere, other people’s reactions to this news have been so animated that it feels more appropriate if I just smile and nod. Someone’s got to keep a level head about it. There’s a lot of paperwork to fill out and all sorts of dates and times and things to confirm. It’s certainly helpful that I’ve recently gotten myself so much more organized.

Sometime near the end of this month I’ll be starting training, a several week process that—I believe—requires that I get ACDT and ACPT certified. I’ll be taking these courses at the Apple campus in California, so this is also a heads-up that I’m going to be out of town for a few weeks soon. (I wonder if the classes will incorporate any information on the new Intel iMacs and MacBooks)

In between all of this preparation regarding new employment, I’ve been doing several web design projects, as well as my usual bouts of tinkering and researching. I’ve had quite a full plate and been enjoying successes in all these areas. As an added bonus, I finally got my new cell phone today which means that I can now be reached at the cell number you have for me. I’m thinking of getting the black swivel holster for it as well.

Unfortunately, Sara’s not been as happy as I have lately, though this contrast between our respective mood baselines has been enlightening. It’s sad that I seem to need to see someone else depressed to notice the fact that I haven’t been depressed in a long time, but it sure does highlight that fact. It also indirectly highlights quite a few others that have shown me just how far along I’ve come from my not-so-distant and very depressed past.

  1. I’m able to self-motivate a lot better than I used to be able to do.
  2. I’m able to keep timed committments a lot more reliably than I used to be able to.
  3. I’m far more able to foresee, manage, and generate financial income than I used to be able to, even if most of my sources of income still rely heavily on connections from family and friends. (That is, I’m able to perform more money-making actions.)

In any event, I’m looking forward to the rest of 2006 with a little more confidence than I faced 2005 with.

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  1. I just saw this romantic, cheesy silvery plastic angel that someone threw away in the Laundry room. The angel holds a flat bell shape inscribed with: “Love is not who you live with. It is who you can’t live without.” Come to think about it, one can somehow live alone, but not without the self. I witness the changes with delight, and hope that you always remember to remain alert. Time, and moods are so fluid, and both may seem to wreack havock on the best plans. And one more good old thing: the love you take is equal to the love you make. Support is acceptance.
    Love you. Aba

  2. I am so happy and excited for your job news! Your work space organization looks great. It always makes me feel better when my house/workspace is organized. Like some weight has been lifted from me.

    I totally understand where Sara is because that is basically what happened to me when I was working on my MA degree. I simply could not write and it took a very long time to break free from that but I did finish it. Now I am on the verge of starting a second MA degree program.

    All good things in this new year!

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