Took a stroll around my old neighborhood, the West Village, earlier today. Actually, I should be saying yesterday since it’ll soon be sunny outside. (I actually got to bed at a decent hour tonight, but now I can’t sleep. Cried a bit when I got out of bed.) I miss that neighborhood a lot; you can just walk around there, day or night. You can’t really do that in Washington Heights, where I live now. And I miss walking like that.

As I walked around downtown I saw a lot of noteworthy things; shops I used to go to, restaurants, some closed, some renovated, some replaced by new ones, that old couple who always goes to the Bus Stop Café on Thursday evenings was there, thought about getting a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery. I saw another couple carrying their respective pet cats on their shoulders and heads. Took a few pictures (unfortunately none of the cat couple, though). I didn’t stay too long.

I walked to the Apple Store afterwards for their Aperture presentation. Only made the second half, but it was interesting. Kind of didn’t want to go home so I milled about eavesdropping on the Geniuses at the Genius Bar—thought maybe I could learn a thing or two. Didn’t really.

Tonight’s not been a complete loss. I’ve finished editting the flyers for my Web design tutoring attempts, and since tomorrow Sara and I have plans to meet friends downtown, I’m thinking of printing these out and putting them up where I can.

I do wish I could get some sleep, though. And that I’d stop being so…whatever this is.

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  1. Awesome flyer! What program did you use for layout? I’m still getting used to the “new” Mac. The last time I was strictly an Apple man, I was using system 7.6!

    Also, if you get bored, could you give me your feedback on my new look on my web site?

    P.S. Your father totally rocks!

  2. Awesome flyer! What program did you use for layout?

    My father was the one who actually designed it. It looks good, but I’m still not happy with some of the text and other design elements. I still need to learn how to use the rest of the Adobe suite competently; right now I only use HTML+CSS and the “Save As PDF…” function on Macs to create PDF documents. (Did you know that Mac OS X makes creating PDFs trivially easy? :) Let me know if you need help with Apple stuff. Lots of changes since 7.6!)

  3. Hi sweeheart.
    I just noticed while surfing about on here that with your new blog style, entries (like this one) that don’t have titles have no convenient link to get the reader past the first little synopsis. The only link that seems to do that is the comments link, and then you have to scroll back up to read the entry. Did I miss something? Or is there a way to make that easier/more user friendly?
    Love you.

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