The Secret to Cable Management

I’ve made a brilliant revelation. I’ve discovered the one secret every tech whore yearns to learn. I’ve unearthed the secret to cable management. (Until Bluetooth and WiMAX take over the realm of inter-networking and peripheral interconnections.)

The secret is: get the cables off the ground.

Sara and I spent most of the day cleaning our apartment in preparation for hosting our monthly pot luck. When cleaning the living room, around where all my computers are stacked under my desk, I noticed that I had a surprisingly easy time cleaning the floor because, you guessed it, I’d managed to get all my wires (save the power strip) off the floor. Needless to say, this was quite a pleasant surprise.

Equally pleasant though not as surprising (if I do say so myself) was how well the pot luck tonight went over. Fewer people arrived than we were expecting but we still have a ton of leftover food and everyone seemed to have a good time. It was good to get to see so many of my friends in the same place at one time hanging out and enjoying each others’ company ’til the wee hours of the morning.

Additionally, I think everyone met at least one or two people whom they didn’t know before (myself included), which is a lovely added treat.

There’s a bit of cleaning that must be done now, (clean all day, throw a party, clean some more, go figure) but it’s well worth it. Sweetheart that he is, Mike even scrubbed down the kitchen table before he left. So tomorrow morning, I’m getting that front door doorknob fixed, and later I’m hoping to catch the intro to GarageBand workshop at the Apple store in the afternoon.

Ah, life progresses. I’m still not sure I’m prepared for what changes lie ahead. Training in Cupertino and then a new corporate (retail!) job. Yeah, I may not be fully prepared, but at least I’m off the ground.

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  1. Even YOU got an upgrade to your iLife!!!!

    Well I’ve had enough iFortune to meet all my new iFriends, and have a whole lot more iExperience.

    This is all so cool. I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the last year, thanks for the insights.

    Thanks, Chris. :)

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