Good Habits

I’ve finally had a run of a few good days in a row. It’s been crazy at work, especially since I have to stand on my feet the whole day. That’s not so hard when I’m doing it, but I’m exhausted whenever I come home. Combine that with the fact that I’ve been slightly down because I miss Sara a lot it’s been difficult for me to do anything productive at home.

One of the reasons I think I had a good day today is because I’ve acted on some good habits. I’ve learned a bunch of new tech stuff in the past week or so and it occured to me that I should probably write all this stuff down. So I sat down after work and tried to remember exactly what all this new stuff is, and then add it to my growing so-called knowledge file. This is a plain text file with a simple format that basically stores every little tidbit of knowledge I learn or deem useful enough to have at a moment’s glance. Some random excerpts:

Operating modes refer to the state of the processor. There are three operating modes that the PMU can be set to:
* Run single – the processor is awake and running
* Idle – the processor is asleep
* Sleep – the computer is asleep and the power light is pulsating

New in Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” on portable (laptop or notebook) computers is an option to read the number of charge cycles of a battery inside of system profiler.

If Mac OS X hangs or freezes on boot at the blue screen just prior to the appearance of the Login Window try moving or renaming the /Library/Preferences directory and restarting.

I also finally got a good night’s sleep yesterday evening for the first time in about a week. It seems that even though I usually only used to get somewhere betwen 5 and 7 hours of sleep a night, the whole on-my-feet-for-the-whole-day thing requires a bare minimum of 8 hours of restful sleep in order not to come home feeling exhausted.

And I really would like to be able to come home and spend my evenings in a productive manner, whether that be pushing on with personal projects, blogging, or something. New workflows are always difficult to settle into, so I’ve returned to my previous strategy of trying to find ways to organize the workflow and make things faster and easier to do.

For now, sleep.

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  1. Last time I tried to veiw this blogpost the page wouldn’t load, though I think it was a problem with my connection. I am glad you seem to be getting things into some sort of good fasion. Its nice to see you blogging again.

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