Chicken Soup for the Social Soul

It’s good to see friends. I feel like I’ve been swinging back towards a rather anti-social and work-focused period of time, what with the new job and all. Today I purchased training materials for yet more computer certifications (namely the CompTIA library of certifications) and began studying from them, which reinforces those feelings. (I’ve discovered the joy of cleaning the apartment to the sonuds of instructor-led self-paced video lessons. The scary thing is I’m being serious.)

Yet this evening I spent a wonderful, if short, dinner with a few friends. I had the chicken soup, as I’m still nursing myself back from the clutches of an evil cough and cold.

It’s hard to remember how much of a resource they can be at times. It’s even harder to remember that the friends I (apparently) have that I didn’t really know I have are a resource too. That is to say that it’s hard for me to remember that my definition of friend is really other people’s definition of best friend or close confidant, and that this discrepency means I have more friends than I think I do.

Which is nice. Especially when these people offer great conversation and the ability for personal insight. (Aforementioned insight involves relationship queries that, for the time being, I do not feel like writing about.) I’m looking forward to our next pot luck party.

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