AppleScript is almost like coding in pseudocode

As is usually the case, it took some external forces to instigate the motivation to learn AppleScript, but once the motivation was there the language was really easy to grasp. The big rumor about AppleScript is that “it’s easy because it’s exactly like English.” Unfortuantely, that’s not entirely true. AppleScript is just like any other […]

Why I Will Never Trust HP’s Indian Customer Service Reps Again

HP’s customer service reps assure me that, even if the notebook I sent to them for repair turns out to be completely missing, HP will take care of its value and that needn’t worry. In reality, this is a half-truth, leading me to believe that HP’s customer service reps are trained liars.

TEDTalks: Inspirational, incredible, and moving ideas

For those not yet familiar with it, TED is an invitation-only annual conference of some of the brightest and most talented individuals in all fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. For the first time (in February 2006), the presentations were recorded and broadcast to the world once per week at the web site. I’ve […]