TEDTalks: Inspirational, incredible, and moving ideas

For those not yet familiar with it, TED is an invitation-only annual conference of some of the brightest and most talented individuals in all fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. For the first time (in February 2006), the presentations were recorded and broadcast to the world once per week at the TED.com web site.

I’ve just spent the past three and a half hours at the site watching the presentations and I’ll have to blame them for making me sleepy at work tomorrow. Nevertheless, they are some of the most compelling and fascinating presentations I have ever seen in my life. I highly, highly recommend that you spend a few moments to check them out.

For those interested in Human-Computer Interface design, you absolutely must view Jeff Han’s talk on an “interface-less” touch-screen-like display which will very likely obsolete the traditional mouse and keyboard.

For those interested in global health and economics, you absolutely must view Hans Rosling’s talk on the myths of the third world.

And for those who just want more proof how much Apple Computer rocks our socks, you must view David Pogue’s excellent presentation on the woes caused by software frustration (and it’s partially set to music).

My personal favorite (so far) was Sir Ken Robinson’s almost stand-up comedy approach to explaining to us why the current state of the world’d public education systems will not serve us for our future.

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  1. This is beyond trendsetting. These are revelations with the power to change the course of the universe. It’s the real thing. Thanks for pointing my attention. Love.

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