Helen Fisher discusses love, proving the naturalness of polyamory

I recently discovered TEDTalks, a fantastic web site that shares the lectures and presentations at the Technology Entertainment and Design conference in Monterey, California. I just watched Helen Fisher’s talk, which the TED web site describes like this: Helen Fisher is an anthropologist with Rutgers University, specializing in gender differences and the evolution of human […]

Continuing Customer Service Disasters by Hewlett-Packard

I thought I’d write an update to this ongoing saga with HP’s terrible customer service department. If you need a refresher, be sure to read the whole story from the beginning. So when I last updated this tale, I had been trying to get in touch with Iano, a Quality Case Manager at Hewlett-Packard. I […]

A Mac User’s Introduction to the UNIX Command Line

I’ve always loved teaching (for many reasons, some of which are too arrogant to get away with mentioning) and today my supervisor asked me if we could spend a little while talking about the command line and Mac OS X’s UNIX underbelly. Of course, I was thrilled at the prospect (see earlier statement on my […]