The Universe was hacked up in Perl

In programming communities, there is often a religious debate: TIMTOWTDI versus TIOOWTDI. (Half of my readers just made an extremely puzzled face, but watch me ignore them.)

Well, a friend of mine just sent me all the evidence I need to showcase why the world is so screwed up. The proof is in the pudding, my friend.

One reply on “The Universe was hacked up in Perl”

  1. Well, this may shed some light on the concept of nature’s diversity, but it is no proof. Furthermore, this proves to me that, even the ultimate entanglement, that which seems utterly impossible to reproduce, or predict, or purposely trigger, is, from some utterly high pont of view, a linear event after all.

    However, honestly, I personally do not believe nature/universe is linear in that sense. It is hard to pinpoint that which borders with faith (I don’t like this wor dand the possible religious implications) but I believe that what drives reality is more instinctual/emotional/spiritual/philosophical/theoretical/imaginary etc than rational/physical etc… Indeed, I believe PORTIONS of my perception of reality lives and is being fed by some sort of self evolving personal ghost of a MATRIX, and in it the essence of who I am, and the perceptions of what reality is, are quite independent of anything else around. Yet, independent, objective (which are not part of my perception) Superposed variables are generated and stored and impact further calculations at all times as a matter of BEING the very fabric of objective reality, and touching portions of my perceptions. So reality is not, in my opinion, one cohesive thing, but rather an ever changing, fluid construct of at least two major origins: the objective and the subjective. And I leave it at that. BTW, if you want to learn more about MY POINT OF VIEW, don’t click anywhere. You can’t.

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