Why I don’t care about you: An open letter to my employer

It’s lunch time and I’m the only one remaining in the training room. Of course, I’m not training, I’m writing a blog entry. Everyone else went out in a group to Korean food. I like Korean food, so had it not been for the ambivalence about whether or not I want to keep this job […]

Hysterical over work and life

I should preface this with yet another warning that what follows is the incredibly hysterical ranting of an emotionally stressed person and should probably not be taken as anything other than an expression of the emotions currently running through my head. Oh my god! This can not be happening to me. I simply can not […]

My tax dollars hard at…play?

The government’s admission: Millions of dollars that are supposed to fight terror are actually going to the very worst kind of pork barrel programs. Meanwhile, many real homeland security needs – like those in New York City – remain unmet. Unfortuantely, this is usually what happens in any large organization. Money is budgeted, then siphoned […]