Window and Element Resizing Annoyances in Internet Explorer

This has been an interesting day. In less than 8 hours, I’ve had to tackle the following IE nuisances: document.body vs. document.documentElement In IE 6, in order to access the current width of the window in JavaScript you need to get document.body.clientWidth only if you’re in quirks mode. If you’re in standards mode, this property […]

Use expect with Subversion’s post-commit hook to automatically update remote servers

In one of my web development projects, it became important to keep the staging web server in sync with the latest code that myself and several other developers were working on. There are a number of ways to mirror files and directories across machines, rsync being one of the most widely known. However, in addition […]

The Importance of Naming Conventions in Collaborative Web Production

It strikes me as very, very interesting how, especially in the world of technology where everything is thought to be so regimented and precise, where a single typo can be the difference between compilation and error, that there is so much versatility in every step of the creative process. This is, of course, a result […]