Use Google Docs to compose and publish blog posts

While this feature has been around for a long time, not many people are aware that you can publish blog posts straight from Google Docs to just about any blog of your choice, including Blogger, WordPress, and others. This is pretty awesome for many reasons, but most important for many people is the incredible rich text, WYSIWYG editor that Google Docs offers.

I’m tempted to give it a shot myself, for many reasons. I think using Google Docs to compose and edit my blog posts may make it easier to:

  • keep copies of my blog posts somewhere other than my blog (just in case),
  • work on my blog posts from anywhere with an Internet connection (and under the security of an HTTPS connection!),
  • version-control all of my writing without changing my workflow the least bit,
  • invite specific users to preview my drafts before they go live and even help me edit my posts so I can catch typos and grammatical errors,
  • easily export my writings to a variety of formats, such as PDF or a ZIP file with the ease of a single menu,
  • and of course, instantly take advantage of whatever wonderful things Google has in their pipeline.

Another blogger wrote an entire how to article showing tips for using Google Docs to blog that is quite a good read, as well.