WordPress Collapsible Archive Widget 2.1 BETA with Collapsible Month Lists

I went searching for a WordPress widget that enabled me to place a collapsible archive control much like the ones available in Blogger blogs “archives” widget a while back. With a little googling, I found a plugin that did almost exactly what I wanted in Ady Romantika‘s Collapsible Archive Widget.

After a few days of playing with it, I had a working copy that reproduced the original behavior or, optionally, exposed each month’s individual posts inside each month’s own collapsible list.

The patch I submitted to Ady is still awaiting integration with the main plugin, so in the meantime you can download the plugin here.

The full description follows:

Collapsible Archive Widget 2.1 BETA is an update to the Collapsible Archive Widget for WordPress that includes a new option in the widget’s settings page that allows you to display links to the individual posts inside each month. With this setting activated, the year is expanded by default to show a list of months. Each month is another list, collapsed by default, that expands to reveal the individual post links.

Update: A new version of the plugin that incorporates the options I’ve added can now be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory.