Dear NETGEAR: Why is your router so flaky?

Dear NETGEAR technical support department:

Several features of my (very new, purchased in the last month and a half) NETGEAR WGR614 v7 home wireless router appear to be either quite simply non-responsive to any configuration changes that I make in the web-based configuration screens or so flaky that they are all but useless. Specifically, the following list of issues are presenting themselves.

  • Ports that are configured to be forwarded via the router are not actually being forwarded, despite appearing in the WGR614v7’s list of “services” and appear in port scans as closed or filtered ports.
  • Changing the WAN-side ping response configuration option does not alter the device’s WAN-side ping behavior. That is, if it is originally set to respond to WAN-side pings and then switched so that it will not respond to the same, the router will continue to respond to WAN-side pings despite the setting’s appearance in the configuration screens.
  • Setting a default DMZ host does not actually allow that host to see all WAN-side traffic, evidenced by a simple traffic capture log.
  • I’ve only tried the above features, but the theme is consistent: making a configuration change does not change the behavior of the router. Neither power cycling the device nor any amount of hitting the “save” buttons commit changes.

    What’s most furstrating, however, is that at some seemingly arbitrary point, the configuration changes finally do stick and the router’s behavior aligns to the display of its configuration screens, at which point port forwarding, WAN-side ping, and the DMZ host all behave as expected. However, this can take anywhere from an hour to several days, and then, again at some seemingly arbitrary point, the router’s behavior reverts to whatever it was before causing port forwarded routes to time out and WAN-side ping to be re-enabled, etc.

    I’ve run through the usual troubleshooting steps that I know are common to all devices: checking for new firmware (the device claims it is up to date while using firmware version V2.020_1.0.20NA), power cycling the device, and reverting back to factory default settings. None of these actions have improved the situation any.

    Your prompt assistance increasing the reliability of my WGR614v7 NETGEAR router is much appreciated.

-Meitar Moscovitz

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  1. I am having the exact same issues. I am trying to set up my svn sever on a home box to be visible outside my LAN and it won’t actually forward to the ports.

    After a long time troubleshooting the only conclusion is that this router is crap :(

  2. Im not sure if it was netgear but i had a router once that every hour on the hour it would do an NTP update and when it did this it disconnected all other connections to/from it.

    get an asus wl520-gu and put dd-wrt on it or an asus rt-n16 and put tomato usb on it and never want another router by any other manufacturer ever again!

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