Reason Number…uhh…Why I Love VoIP

So, even though I’m still fighting with the Customer Service department of iiNet to realign my billing cycle with the day (over two weeks late) of when my Internet service actually started, I have to say that the service itself is superb. It may just be because I’m in prime DSL location, only a building away from the DSLAM telephone exchange for my area. Still…I’m getting better Internet speeds than I ever got from Time Warner Cable and Road Runner in New York City. Of course, I am paying a bit more for it, but the quality makes up for the cost for what I’m used to.

Even better, iiNet’s naked DSL service comes with a bundled VoIP plan. This is just as awesome as the Internet service. International calls, I discovered, are only 6 cents a minute to the United States. This means I have options like Skype and really cheap VoIP calls. Not bad for a country in the “technological stone age.”

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