I’m getting a book published and it’s called Foundation Website Creation

For those who have been wondering what is keeping me so busy these days, the answer is that I’m working on the final stages of a book that is getting published as one of three co-authors. Not only am contributing three chapters (the technical chapters on (X)HTML and CSS, specifically), but I am also technically […]

Quick ‘N’ Dirty Drupal Module SVN Tagging Script

In a (rather beastly) project at work today, I found myself needing to import a significant number of contributed Drupal modules into Subversion vendor branches to prepare for custom development. To do so manually would have been quite the hassle, so after downloading the appropriate tarballs and creating a module_name/current directory under my vendor/drupal/modules vendor […]

One Minute Mac Tip: Use the command line to edit the content of your clipboard

Using the pbpaste and pbcopy commands, you can manipulate the contents of the Mac OS X clipboard (or more formally known as the pasteboard) right from the command line. As a brief example, just select the text of this first paragraph, copy it to your clipboard (with -c), and then type pbpaste in a Terminal […]

One Minute Mac Tip: Use Mac OS X’s Keychain to Store, Recover, and Sync All Your Passwords From One Place

Since Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar, Mac users have been accustomed to the ease of use of Apple’s very cool Keychain Services technology. The Mac OS X Keychain basically a secure database of all your passwords, sorted into files called (unsurprisingly enough) “keychains.” Each user account on a Mac OS X system has a login.keychain, […]

XML.com Managing Editor Kurt Cagle sees the future, one that I’ve experienced a decade ago

I subscribe to a number of really great technology newsletters because they interest me. One of these is the XML.com weekly newsletter. XML is a technology that has exploded in the last several years, and its specifically an area that I, as a front-end and semantic web specialist, find exceptionally intriguing. Most intriguing today, however, […]

How To: Move all pages in an Apple WikiServer Group to a new Group

As I’ve been blogging about, I’ve been playing a lot with Apple’s new WikiServer (or “Teams Server”) at work. We’re still evaluating what we’d like to use it for, but as part of the experiments, I’ve been finding myself having to do some pretty crazy things with the WikiServer. This one is pretty bizarre, and […]