Quick ‘N’ Dirty Drupal Module SVN Tagging Script

In a (rather beastly) project at work today, I found myself needing to import a significant number of contributed Drupal modules into Subversion vendor branches to prepare for custom development. To do so manually would have been quite the hassle, so after downloading the appropriate tarballs and creating a module_name/current directory under my vendor/drupal/modules vendor branch directory, I concocted this little (relatively untested) script to handle the mass tagging operations I needed to perform.

for i in *; do
    v=`grep 'version = "' "$i/current/$i/"*.info |
      cut -d ':' -f 2 |
        sed -e 's/^version = "/v/' -e 's/"$//'`
    svn cp "$i/current" "$i/$v"

It’s a bit buggy for some modules that have multiple .info files, but I’m sure a few more pipeline stages can fix that. (Which, because I’m done with this at the moment, I will leave as an exercise to the reader.)

Chalk this one up as another testament to the power of shell scripting and how it can help every developer get their job done faster.

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