I’m getting a book published and it’s called Foundation Website Creation

For those who have been wondering what is keeping me so busy these days, the answer is that I’m working on the final stages of a book that is getting published as one of three co-authors. Not only am contributing three chapters (the technical chapters on (X)HTML and CSS, specifically), but I am also technically reviewing the entire book.

My co-authors on the book, called Foundation Web Standards Foundation Website Creation (you can pre-order now) and published by Friends of ED, an Apress company, are Jonathan Lane of Industry Interactive, Inc. and Joe Lewis, who blogs at Sanbeiji.com. I’m not going to say much more until after the book is released in late July.

For the eager, here’s the description of the book posted on the Friends of ED website:

Foundation Website Creation explores the process of constructing a web site from start to finish. There is more to the process than just knowing HTML! Designers and developers must follow a proper process to flush out goals and objectives and determine requirements both prior to, and during project development.

Large Web projects are rarely completed by a single person. Producers, project managers, designers, developers, writers, and editors all play critical parts in a project’s evolution. This book provides an overview of the entire process, and also shows project development from the perspective of these different roles. It introduces the key concepts and duties performed by every member of such a team, and gives you the skills necessary to tackle projects like a professional.

It’s quite exciting getting a book out, and it’s quite a bit more work than I’d have ever originally thought. That being said, it’s extremely rewarding. There’s a lot more work I need to do on it between now and the time it gets released to publishing, so, well…back to work I go.

Now you all know where I’ve been spending my time writing.

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  1. I am glad to see this update, this is simply what I need at this time. I have been hanging around so long in quest for nice educational material as of late and I haven’t make much time to genuinely stay to one site or place in all, but your authorship and style of delivery blew me away. I am now a happy reader and continuous viewer of this blog.

  2. This is a great idea for a book. So far the ‘Build a website’ market has been flooded with books that resemble those play chess guides, with thousands of moves listed … very boring. However, the process of designing a winning website is actually where the interest lays. It’s the little things that others forget that make web design so fascinating for me. Building a website that limits the visitor culture shock, but still manages to direct them, like moths to flames, to the target … if you could get that into a book I buy ten of them ;-)

    All the very Best


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