My tweets on 2008-06-30

Not really a long day, but it feels like it because it started so early. Now off to dinner and then personal stuff. That’ll be cool. # At dinner discussing sex and religion. @BloodyLaughter to me: Can you NOT be an asshole for 2 minutes? Me: No, I really like it! # Why so little […]

My tweets on 2008-06-29

In Katoomba ordering breakfast from cute, cute waitress. Also, public urinals in Australia are just big pee-walls, not stalls. Who’s hungry? # Hiking down the Furber steps in the Blue Mountains National Park. Taking pictures too. It’s very pretty here, smells like moss and ferns. # OMG, I’m in the most amazing little cafe EVER! […]

My tweets on 2008-06-28

WEB PEEPZ: CSS has been stagnant for a while, so hypothetically, if you were to get a book about it this year what would you be looking for? # Lazy day. It’ll be past 3 soon and I’ve not even had breakfast yet. Then again, sometimes I don’t eat breakfast until 9 on busy days, […]

One minute Mac tip: Auto-complete, spellcheck, and search for definitions in Cocoa text fields

Without doubt, the most common use of computers today is to create written content of some kind. Blogs are an obvious example, but written content can take a number of forms. Writing manuscripts for publication is another example. No matter what kind of writing you’re doing, using good tools to make your writing technically better […]

My tweets on 2008-06-27

Yes! HtmlValidator Plugin for Firefox finally works for Firefox3 on MacIntel! # …is shocked at the apparently widespread lack of knowledge of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard among his fellow system administrators. # I am torn. Do I work on the 8 billion personal projects I can try to do or do I laze about […]

My tweets on 2008-06-26

Performance review at work went pretty well, mostly glowing feedback. I do hope we can talk about $ soon, though. Time is money, my friends. # The Drupal aggregator module is neat—I am continuously dismayed w/ how many devs know their stuff well but can’t maintain their code at all. # I’m only half way […]

One minute Mac tip: Create the illusion that Bonjour works over a VPN

If you’re a Mac user who often uses VPN connections, you’ll notice one very disappointing thing about connecting to your corporate or personal network over such tunneled connections: typically, Bonjour-style addresses (such as “computer-name.local”) don’t work. This is because multicast DNS (or mDNS) doesn’t work over a tunnel. Though there are ways to get it […]

My tweets on 2008-06-24

I am achey and completely stuffed up so am seriously considering calling out sick today. Maybe I’ll take a half day instead, not sure yet. # Set up a company NetInstall system image with a custom “Target Web Browsers.mpkg” with Apple’s PackageMaker in 10.5 Server Tools in seconds. # This system imaging automation POC is […]

My tweets on 2008-06-23

Trac 0.11 has (FINALLY!) been released. My favorite thing about Trac: The answer to “there’s gotta be a better way” is always “there is.” # Read through Web Directions South and am now struggling to find the motivation to keep working. # You know you’re a nerd when #127: Your programmer coworkers call your […]