My tweets on 2008-06-15

  • @essinem Thanks re: Orgasm Permission Machine. Would love your feedback. Also, which friend is that who knows me? Maybe I know them, too? #
  • @BloodyLaughter Boy chose to get up. Unless you want him to double as popsicle then you must get up to have boy too! T’is for your own good! #
  • New Orgasm Permission Machine feature in v1.0.1: Automatic update notification. #
  • What’s the point of putting service change info inside the turnstiles, Sydney mass transit people? You made me waste 2.60 for nothing. #
  • Not to be derrogatory, but Rugby makes American Football look like a sissy’s game. Also wow, Rugby players are hawt! And more naked! #
  • @CurvaceousDee I’ve not been much of a sports fan—I played soccer but didn’t watch it—but I think the Rugby guys might change my mind. Yum! #
  • I just got a job referral from FetLife. You’d think there was a business in this web thing or something. See also #
  • Oh, Monday, must you always come so soon after Sunday? And if you must, why so cold? #