My tweets on 2008-07-31

On second thought, maybe I can’t remember which friend ‘cuz that sex dream had both friends in it. Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. # Boonesses. My head hurts. :( And I even had lunch and everything. Usually I’m just starting to think about breakfast now. That is so unfair! #

One Minute Mac Tip: Securely erase files from the command line

Security provisions are one of those “things” that Mac users have been snooty about—for good reason—for decades. However, I’d dare say that, even though the UNIX architecture of the underpinnings of Mac OS X is much more secure than most other popular operating systems (cough, Windows, cough), much of the security benefits that Mac users […]

My tweets on 2008-07-30

I alternate btw being amused and annoyed at the fact that it’s very difficult for people to grok the concept of asynchronous communication. # Why is it that it starts raining tasks when I’m approaching a deadline? Like, seriously, EVERY TIME. On the up side, that’s a good excuse…. # @laughingrhoda That already exists in […]

My tweets on 2008-07-29

Over the past few months I’ve discovered I was right all along. I’m not lazy, I just need to start my days at my own pace to be productive. # @sheershir OTOH, I’ve been far less productive than I had hoped today because I got sidetracked trying to make a recursive archiving script. # Github […]

My tweets on 2008-07-27

Holy craps! Mr. Incredibubble just put my head inside a bubble! # Sydney’s Hyde Park on the weekend is awesome. I just walked by a half-human size Chess match. # @CurvaceousDee I think that storm you mentioned made it to Sydney. I’m sitting at an outdoor bar at Cockle Bay sipping beer to avoid rain. […]

My tweets on 2008-07-26

Holy craps it’s already 1:15 and I’m just getting up. I didn’t realize I was that sleepy. Kinda bummed that half my day is already shot. # Whoever said the Hitachi Magic Wand was only for girls was clearly doing it wrong. And on that note, organic food expo today! Maybe…. #

My tweets on 2008-07-25

Bizarre morning. First a dream, then network trouble and now pushing back against scope creep. Oh wait, that last one is par-for-the-course. # Hilariousness: “You can’t go back. There’s no option to arrange by penis.” Also, sadly, sort of accurate. # @unspeakableaxe We were explicitly told that Sydney’s subways ran “all night.” Apparently “all […]

Mac OS X Server Tip: Enable user avatars for Apple WikiServer without enabling User Weblogs

Today I had the opportunity to toy around with more of Apple’s WikiServer (aka “Teams Server) intranet-building suite of applications. I already gave the wiki feature a pretty thorough treatment, so this time I set my sights on a simple user-specific (as opposed to group-specific) feature. In my office of approximately twenty-some-odd employees, we’ve just […]

My tweets on 2008-07-24

Everyone from the States is making fun of me for saying “No worries” even though I used to say that to them well before I came to Australia. # Why is it so difficult for people to use styling features other than bold, italic and underline? Just spent 30mins deleting extraneous tabs. # You know […]