My tweets on 2008-07-01

  • Slow mornings are really nice sometimes. Spent a half hour snoozing the alarm today. Then email, now I feel ready to get the day started. #
  • Okay, this is good. Beer battered barramundi, coffee, and a book about working effectively with legacy code. I’m recharging nicely. #
  • I like shopkeepers who’ll talk to you with a smile on their face. And on that note, back to the world of dreams (aka work). #
  • Oh, hey, cool, my hint was posted. Check it out at: #
  • Hah! I am such a genius. My boss just asked me the exact question that my tip fixes and I responded to him w/ a link to it. #
  • At work I am thinking: “Can I automate this person’s job? If so, how?” Does that make me a bad person, an invaluable company asset, or both? #
  • Yay! I turned a bad day into a good day by working on my next book proposal and drinking lots of beer. There was also pizza and cuddles. #