My tweets on 2008-07-04

  • To spam: you are often making hilarious euphemisms for sex in my inbox. Reffering to my “south pork” was funnier the first 7 billion times. #
  • @MajaMajaMaja Thanks for the birthday wishes. :) This year I’m turning 6! ::bounce bounce bounce:: #
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank is finally getting rid of their annoying and inane PFM Service Fee of US$10 to get access to an OFX file. Good riddance! #
  • My spelling just got corrected at work (again): “Finalize” becomes “Finaliz(s)e” for “International English”. Same with “Alphabetiz(s)e”. :) #
  • Just submitted my review of the Tantus Silicone Cock Ring for EdenFantasys. Summary: great cock ring, but it over-advertises itself a bit. #