My tweets on 2008-07-05

  • On the Matilda Sydney Harbour Cruise heading towards the zoo. Wee! #
  • Wow, I saw kangaroos hopping, emus, and took a picture with a baby koala! This place is awesome! And, there are so few warning signs. #
  • Taronga Zoo was the awesomest zoo of awesome! Now @BloodyLaughter and I at the new Apple Store Sydney. Very classic Apple. Next, dinner. #
  • Going home with supplies and a plan: make nachos, watch DVDs, and relax. Tomorrow do Aroma Festival, then demo bottom for knifeplay preso. #
  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! FYI: I don’t always see replies to me cuz of time zone differences. I’m not ignoring you! #
  • It’s funny that my birthday is over for me, but now’s when all the automated birthday wishes are getting to my inbox from servers in the US. #
  • @BloodyLaughter just turned me on to sheds some serious light on the magazine modeling world. #
  • Retweet: sorry, that URI was supposed to be #