My tweets on 2008-07-09

  • Was so comfy, I didn’t want to wake up. On the other hand, I have to (boo), and it’s an absolutely gorgeous day (yay). Up and at ’em it is. #
  • Eep! It is cold outside even though it’s so sunny. Somehow I managed to wear 3 layers of clothes but also sandals. My toes are cold! #
  • I’ve discovered the best way to do ticket dependencies in vanilla Trac. Add [[TicketQuery(keywords~=#55)]] in ticket:55’s description. #
  • @BloodyLaughter and @unspeakableaxe Get a (dungeon) room! One with windows. Where we can see what’s going on inside. #
  • Augh, so cold. I have a bad headache, too. Should have eaten more than a piece of toast at work today. Time to get some food. #
  • Ohhhh. This makes me sad. I have not done my great work yet. :( I fail. #
  • @ferric Srsly? Does ‘closes #55’ have to be like ‘msg^=closes #55’ or can it be anywhere in the commit message? I will have to try it out. #
  • Yawning. Today’s plan: build new dev server on quad-core box with CentOS and VMware Server, test homegrown filesystem auditing scripts. Eat. #