My tweets on 2008-07-10

  • Installing base set of CentOS packages on one machine, downloading Debian stable on another, and preparing FreeBSD ISOs on another. Now=Fun! #
  • Back from lunch. Had spicy drunken noodles with extra chilli. It’s so nice that fresh sliced chillis are considered a “condiment” here! #
  • Booyah! VMware Server running on CentOS with headless management and X forwarding out of the box. Now that’s quality source aka open-source! #
  • @garbageman14 Last weeks in NYC? Where are you going? Didn’t you just get a new apartment a few months back? #
  • Should be asleep but am not at all sleepy. Going over old emails, and old blog posts. Sometimes I think I didn’t give myself enough credit. #
  • I think it is STUPID that people in the BDSM scene only send planning email to doms (not subs) ‘cuz they are “supposed” to make the choices. #