My tweets on 2008-07-14

  • Walking to get lunch. Some homeless guy yells at me: I like your crazy hairstyle! At least that’s better than: Got 2 dollars to spare? #
  • @echomikeromeo You’re making me nostalgic for the days when I sat in the glow of my iMac DV and watched the rain from my living room window. #
  • Just learned real appreciation for MySQL query caching: best way to handle a legacy 5 second query that slows your server? Don’t execute it. #
  • Wore my black cons, new black skinny jeans and H&M black button down shirt. OH MY GOD I AM SO EMO! AHH! @BloodyLaughter thinks I’m sexy. #
  • Trying to decide weather I like Twitterific iPod touch app or the web-based Hahlo app better for tweeting. Wow, now I am just sad. So Emo! #
  • I’m sleepy. I’m not sleepy. I’m sleepy I’m not sleepy. Oh boo! What’s wrong with me tonight? I’d get a midnight snack if only there was one. #
  • I don’t want to belive it’s morning yet. Bed was soooo cozy. #