My tweets on 2008-07-24

  • Everyone from the States is making fun of me for saying “No worries” even though I used to say that to them well before I came to Australia. #
  • Why is it so difficult for people to use styling features other than bold, italic and underline? Just spent 30mins deleting extraneous tabs. #
  • You know what makes me sad? Working at (multiple) webdev shops where intranet pages have links that say “click here” as their anchor text. #
  • Favorite quote of the day: “(imitating a hypothetical subcontractor) Well we don’t actually do quality work. It adds too much overhead.” #
  • @unspeakableaxe You mean that blackened water that passes for coffee in NYC? Pffft! You don’t know coffee if you don’t know café no-refills. #
  • @ProblmLikeMaria Or your other option is to embrace the wearing of ripped jeans. #