My tweets on 2008-07-30

  • I alternate btw being amused and annoyed at the fact that it’s very difficult for people to grok the concept of asynchronous communication. #
  • Why is it that it starts raining tasks when I’m approaching a deadline? Like, seriously, EVERY TIME. On the up side, that’s a good excuse…. #
  • @laughingrhoda That already exists in the form of a NewSignificantOther. Kind of like but even SEXIER. #
  • Officially open sourced tonight are chkrelease and git-archive-all, 2 of my web site deployment utilities. Details: #
  • Um, poll time: A bit >1/2 of my followers are sex people, the rest tech people. Does this mean at any time 1/2 are confused by my tweets? #
  • @lanej0 ROTFLMAO! That’s hilarious! Also, woah, I’m suddenly using Internet slang from the 90’s again. #
  • I just had a sex dream involving at least 1 of 2 friends, but I’m too awake to remember exactly which friend. That’s ok, I have hot friends. #