My tweets on 2008-07-22

@ProblmLikeMaria Actually I think you’ll find my book is likely right where you’re at. Check out the free Table of Contents if you’re unsure # Things I hate: 1) closed, proprietary systems 2) poor, undocumented custom code. Things I HATEHATEHATE: closed systems w/poor custom code. # Going to get brunch outside with @BloodyLaughter to escape […]

My tweets on 2008-07-21

My tummy feels funny…. :( # Wondering how to make the best use of my time today. Perhaps I need fuel; almost lunch time anyway. So best use is really “tastiest option.” # @essinem If your TV is CRT you’ll have major interference issues with a Wi-Fi router. Move the router far away from CRT, […]

How web designers can do their own HTML/CSS: Read Foundation Website Creation

Last month, 37signals published a short but sweet post about why web designers should do the HTML/CSS implementations for their own designs. The bottom line is, as we’ve all been saying for a long time now, that the Web is not the same kind of medium as other mediums like print. It is a fundamentally […]

My tweets on 2008-07-20

Bad morning: My writer’s contract, SSN and bank info are “lost in the mail,” and I’m STILL not listed as an author of my book on Amazon. Gr! # Kind of an ups-and-downs sort of day. Went shopping and walking, then tasted a martini with vodka I actually didn’t dislike. And got movies. # @sanbeiji […]

My tweets on 2008-07-19

Went hiking today at the Royal National Park with coworkers. Just finishing dinner at an Indian restaurant. Gettin’ sleepy. # If coworkers ask why I’m walking funny on Mon I’ll just say that my gf beat me up. In other news, I am having a hard time w/the local scene. #

My tweets on 2008-07-18

Finished polishing v0.1.1 of my insanely portable, sans-version control deployment script. Now, Batman: Dark Knight with @BloodyLaughter. # Dark Knight=Compelling! Also, I find it funny that I got a postcard from the Australian e-tax ppl instead of an email; I got my TFN online. # @sanbeiji Welcome back to the US of A! How was […]

My tweets on 2008-07-17

Why do recruiters keep asking me about NYC-based jobs? Why do people still send me help requests via strange channels? Is context that hard? # I just wrote some PHP code to fix a data integrity issue that executes straight SQL on the database. I feel dirty…but they were dirtier. # At Drupal Australia mtg. […]

My tweets on 2008-07-16

Woke up after a weird dream involving underground labyrinths and bugs. Eww. In other news, had over 5500 hits in June! # @BloodyLaughter That dream sounds weirder than mine. Mine was a bit more on the decidedly creepy side. Smallville and cuddles tonight, pls? # @BloodyLaughter High-corporate start ups don’t have start up culture, […]

My tweets on 2008-07-15

@BloodyLaughter Didn’t you already make a writing group online? I can’t keep up with all of the writing groups you’re involved with anymore. # My head feels utterly foggy & cloudy today. I suspect the cause is either the world’s worst case of bed head or a serious lack of caffeine. # My Blog Posts […]