My tweets on 2008-07-05

On the Matilda Sydney Harbour Cruise heading towards the zoo. Wee! # Wow, I saw kangaroos hopping, emus, and took a picture with a baby koala! This place is awesome! And, there are so few warning signs. # Taronga Zoo was the awesomest zoo of awesome! Now @BloodyLaughter and I at the new Apple Store […]

My tweets on 2008-07-04

To spam: you are often making hilarious euphemisms for sex in my inbox. Reffering to my “south pork” was funnier the first 7 billion times. # @MajaMajaMaja Thanks for the birthday wishes. :) This year I’m turning 6! ::bounce bounce bounce:: # JPMorgan Chase Bank is finally getting rid of their annoying and inane PFM […]

My tweets on 2008-07-03

It’s interesting to discover how things got the way they are. History is one of the best learning tools because it’s integral to learning. # Wow, cheap electronics stores here have bootleg EVERYTHING. I just saw a bad copy of iPhone earbuds while shopping for a whitebox dev se … # This is going to […]

My tweets on 2008-07-02

It could just be me, but I think it’s possible that submisives make the harshest managers. I’m not so bad…just endlessly bugged by slowness. # I worry I am stretching myself too thin. A book proposal, a freelance gig, a f/time job, and a business proposition. I do like keeping busy. # Got an email […]

My tweets on 2008-07-01

Slow mornings are really nice sometimes. Spent a half hour snoozing the alarm today. Then email, now I feel ready to get the day started. # Okay, this is good. Beer battered barramundi, coffee, and a book about working effectively with legacy code. I’m recharging nicely. # I like shopkeepers who’ll talk to you with […]