My tweets on 2008-08-10

  • Lazy morning bondage, orgasms, and cuddling. Part of a balanced diet. The other part? Food. I should go get me some of that now. #
  • Okay, seriously, what is the point of ordering chicken caesar salad in a restaurant if they will serve it to you in big uncut chunks? #
  • Sydney CBD advertisement showcases Asus laptop, Lamborgini car and Centrino chipset? One of these things is not like the others! #
  • @factorypreset That doesn’t seem to happen at IGA because they play more Britney Spears than Christina Aguilerra. Still, that’s very funny. #
  • I was totally going to do work tonight but then got sidetracked into helping people with mod_rewrite magic and submissive boy psychology. #
  • Note to self: trying to write techy blog posts SO DOES NOT WORK while talking about orgasm denial w/the sexy geek @ #
  • Trying (and failing) to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, however I did manage to get a lot of freelance code writing done, which is good. #