My tweets on 2008-09-30

@MiriamP My belief in free will is what made it so hard for me to understand why the grown ups didn’t trust my choice to drop out of school. # Checking out @davidseth’s #WDS08 preso at I missed his talk but was glad to connect w/ him during the after party. # Most unexpected […]

My tweets on 2008-09-29

@suziam I live in Sydney so the return trip from #wds08 was just a long walk. Decent but difficult after all that booze courtesy @99designs! # I’ve been watching unread counts in my work inbox grow since #WDS08 weekend. Now I have to go and action them all. GTD, don’t fail me now! # @suziam […]

My tweets on 2008-09-28

Catching up as best I can on tweets from #Arse. I would have loved to go there if #WDS08 wasn’t on at the same time. Next yr I’ll be torn. # @mrpatto Haha! @mattymcg & I turned out to be more than hair brothers. We also are both into technical writing, though he’s the elder […]

My tweets on 2008-09-27

@BloodyLaughter is drooling over pottery on our stroll through the Sydney CBD. My head is still in #wds08 and elsewhere from yesterday. # VMware Server 2 finally left BETA, is now available as free Linux or Windows download. After noting one bug fixed from RC1 to RC2, me want! # I seem to have picked […]

My tweets on 2008-09-26

Veen hits generation gap point, mentions that new generation assumes public unless explicitly held private exact opposite of past #wds08 # At end of day, go get Jeffrey Veen’s #wds08 presentation at It was truly fantastic, with some great insights! # At Jina Bolton’s #wds08 Sexy CSS preso, researching for my new book. She […]

My tweets on 2008-09-25

@milesb I just wrote a book, too, about webdev no less! Books are not dead, Lynne just says they need to be downloadable. Mine is! #wds08 # Awesome to learn that support for SVG exists in Mobile Safari too! Dmitry’s #wds08 preso is very cool. Can’t wait to brush up on my SVG. # SVG […]

My tweets on 2008-09-24

Groggilly rising & catching up on retweets by @WebDirectSth08 makes me wish for tmrw & reminds me I’ll have to be up earlier to … # SO looking forward to #wds08 tmrw! Despite doing webdev for ~8yrs it’ll be my 1st time at a conference, so I’m letting myself be nervous. =) # During (sadly […]

My tweets on 2008-09-23

Using GParted to completely reorganize Debian partitions on a test box’s virtual disk. Hardest part was the upgrade to VMware Server 2 RC2. # WTF? iiNet’s DNS servers lost A records—Google, Twitter, more were down—I reconfigured office DNS to query Verizon. Any Aussies notice this? # That DNS outage was about the most exciting thing […]

My tweets on 2008-09-22

Note to self: don’t leave laundry in washer overnight, especially when plagued by insomnia. It’s bad for the clothes & your punctuality. # The value of having >1 communications channel is the same as having >1 one sexual orientation. Diversity is powerful iff it’s not … # Magnetic poetry I crafted: 1 “Heave a knife […]

Extract list of all Apple WikiServer wiki titles into CSV format

An interesting request came in today from a coworker. She wanted to create a spreadsheet that contained all of our intranet’s wiki pages (which uses the Apple WikiServer), presumably because Apple doesn’t provide an easy way to “list all pages” in the wiki itself. Along with the page title, she also wanted to extract its […]