My tweets on 2008-09-06

  • @wendyblackheart I don’t think that list of 100 Top Sex Bloggers is sorted by “topness” because I can’t possibly be number 36, right? #
  • @ProblmLikeMaria When she saw your link, @BloodyLaughter said “Yaayy! Now I have more people to bookmark and love!” and I wiggled a lot. :) #
  • Introducing @BloodyLaughter to Scrum as the Product Owner for her own website. I’m playing the dev team, Scrum Master, and everything else. #
  • @BloodyLaughter is the best office productivity app user I have ever known! With her help, I am able to grok iWork Numbers’ UI for charts! #
  • Doing a code review of another website. It always astonishes me that I can do these in 15 mins, but then it takes ~1hr to prep for an exec. #