My tweets on 2008-11-24

Putzing around with some local HTML5 tests and feeding them into Don’t worry people, this is for fun AND profit. :) # Thankfully it’s still light & sunny out. I’m going to need the vitamins. Tonight’s plan: fight my growing headache, get dinner, do fun work. # I’m asked for a private interview to […]

My tweets on 2008-11-14

@NathanaelB Cool to hear you’ll be @BarCamp on Sat! Say hello to me if you see me? Would love to chat with you re IxD and Web accessibility. # You know you’re doing too much at once when you mistype your own email address. It’s even worse when your email address is your own name. […]

My tweets on 2008-11-12

RT @halans: “BarCamp Sydney, alway free (as in speech), Movember 15, 2008! ” I’ll be there, my first. You? # RT @emilylewis: ” (from @codepo8)” Also, “View Source…” to read the easter eggs! Chuck Norris said so! # @suziam You seem to be participating in some AWESOME involving Hyrulian role play & chatting […]

My tweets on 2008-11-11

@mrsexsmith How is it that poetic words sound so goddamn awful? “Pulchritude?” Sorry that doesn’t sound like it means “poetic beauty” to me. # @BloodyLaughter That’s a silly conversation; there are links between every career path & caffeine abuse. Just like most other addictions. ;) # @BloodyLaughter re caffeine pills: What’s to enjoy in that? […]

WP-Oomph: Add the Oomph Microformat Overlay to your WordPress blog

I’ve just developed a completely idiotic (by which I mean brain-dead simple) plugin for WordPress that will add the Oomph Microformat Toolkit to all WordPress-generated pages. If you use a WordPress template that encodes your data with valid microformats anywhere on your page, this means when you install the plugin your users will see the […]

My tweets on 2008-11-10

@Neek_ I could say something terrible now but I won’t. Instead I’ll just IMPLY that I’ve said something terrible by mentioning that I COULD. # @EssinEm That sucks, but isn’t technically wrong unless you’ve got an employment contract that explicitly specifies terms of termination. :( # I have an INTENSE headache. I bet it results […]

My tweets on 2008-11-09

@sanbeiji Trader Joe’s at NYC’s Union Square was first store I shopped at with a sommelier & I asked him for “the booziest Shiraz, please.” # @echomikeromeo You’re clearly hanging out with the breed of girl that doesn’t make masturbation jokes. I’d suggest making the joke just cuz. # @BloodyLaughter & I check out the […]

Git Fundamentals in 30 Minutes or Less

I did a brief talk on Git at SyPy recently. I had a great time learning about the differences between Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, and even some other tools like BitKeeper that got mentioned and were before my time. Both my co-presenter, Alistair (who I sadly have no personal web address for!), and Martin Pool had […]

My tweets on 2008-11-08

My bathroom’s light is flickering, reminding me of an old warehouse or rundown bar toilet. Now I’m having elaborate fantasies when I shower. # My follower count keeps going up somehow. Hi @halans, @lachlanhardy, @joeschmitt, @Entregreeneur, @wpmag, @likeomg. FYI: I’m not wholly SFW. # @likeomg I started following you months ago. You started following me […]

Are you missing the point of using a version control tool?

The other day I gave a brief (and overly-hyper) talk about git, the (very) dumb, (very) fast version control system. It was part of SyPy‘s Git vs. Hg vs. Bzr night. Rather than be flamingly competitive, however, I had a lot of fun that night learning about the differences between the DSCM tools, which was […]