My tweets on 2008-11-06

  • Tonight: hosts “Git v Hg v Bzr.” I’ll be demoing my admittedly limited Git-fu. Come watch as I make a fool of myself, free! #
  • Thinking and re-thinking phrasing and wording of an email. Diplomacy and tact is without question an art and a skill I wish I was better at. #
  • @juliejezebel Diplomacy interests me ’cause it’s the intersection of all sort of linguistic & communications disciplines and emotional ones. #
  • @grantyoung Where/what are you presenting? I’ll be talking about DSCM/VCS using Git tonight at Swing by or come for drinks? #
  • @lachlanhardy Cool, I’m totally following @RaphaelJS as well. @DmitryBaranovsk did you set that up or is run by others? #
  • @halans Hi+thx! ♥ quote in your sig “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used
    when we created them.” – A. Einstein #
  • @JohnBaku Browsers are multiplying like bunnies! See for yet another. Separation of concerns is more important than ever! #
  • Trying to wash away thoughts of the work day in preparation for my part of the talk tonight. Come along, it’s free fun! #
  • Totally screwed up my git demo by using new user account. That’s what I get for not practicing before a live demo. Bah! Want beer now! #
  • Heading home after a fantastic night out chatting with other peeps. Learned about bzr’s push by SFTP feature & tons more! #
  • @raquelita Catching up on news feeds tonight I just saw your XML/XHTML cupcakes and I think they are AMAZING! #