My tweets on 2008-11-24

  • Putzing around with some local HTML5 tests and feeding them into Don’t worry people, this is for fun AND profit. :) #
  • Thankfully it’s still light & sunny out. I’m going to need the vitamins. Tonight’s plan: fight my growing headache, get dinner, do fun work. #
  • I’m asked for a private interview to talk on the intersection of economics, youth & sex. I decline cuz I’d prefer to talk on that in public. #
  • @misswired A thesis. Given lots of interviews on sex—frustrating that I want to answer publicly but interviewers only want to ask privately. in reply to misswired #
  • @misswired Between @ConversioVirium, @KinkForAll, my sex blog, and another as-yet-unnamed project, I have enough sex projects, thank you. :) in reply to misswired #
  • @maymaym Hey, self, don’t forget So that’s 5 sex-related projects? Yeah, I think that’s enough at one time. :) in reply to maymaym #
  • @nathanaelb HTCPCP makes me afraid one day I’ll need to write CSS to render the way milk swirls…swirl-rotation: 90deg; Will that work in IE? in reply to NathanaelB #
  • @NathanaelB Well CSS is actually required to implement SVG, so I’m not sure that theory holds water. Or coffee, as the case may actually be. in reply to NathanaelB #