My tweets on 2009-02-19

  • Couldn’t work much today. Instead, I am emotionally wrought to the point where parsing sentences is actually difficult. This is draining. :( #
  • @SoraiLaFey Thank you for taking the time to talk w/me the other day. @misscalico Thank you for doing the same today. I miss you both a lot. #
  • Self, stop avoiding sleep. Time keeps on, you can’t do anything about it. Be grateful; it means you won’t feel this bad forever. Sleep, now. #
  • I feel completely incongruent with the bright & beautiful weather today. I wish it were gloomy out instead, so I wouldn’t feel so lost. #sad #
  • @benbalbo Internally !Laconica calls micro-messages “notices,” which I like a lot. I suppose if you made that a verb it would be “noticing”? #
  • In 3 hours, I’m (ostensibly) presenting on @Drupal & the #semantic #Web but I’ve done zero prep. Advice? #
  • @lauras I haven’t seen Shelley’s work so THANK YOU for the pointer. I found her great post on adding #RDFa to @Drupal 6: in reply to lauras #