Guest Appearance on Technocolor NYC Technology Talk Radio Show

Last week, I was invited to make a guest appearance on a technology talk radio show called Technocolor, which airs on 90.3 FM locally in New York City. The radio station is WHCR. The invitation was rather unexpected but I had a great time and a fun conversation with the host, Lena Marvin. We had such a fun time, actually, that Lena invited me to make a second guest appearance this week and, unlike the first show, I managed to record the audio stream, so you can replay the taping of the show and download it.

Here are my late-night and very sleepy attempts at listing some of the stuff we talked about, with as many links for show notes as I can manage to find:

  • April Fools’ Day jokes: GMail Autopilot automatically writes your emails for you, acquires Twitter, The Guardian will publish its archives by tweeting them.
  • NetFlix will demolish traditional cable television.
  • can replace email attachments.
  • Skype has an official iPhone client; AT&T is not happy.
  • Stanford University to offer free iPhone development courses. Why go to college anymore? MIT already offers plenty of educational material from Open Courseware, iTunes University does something similar.
  • iPod Shuffle randomly maximizes its volume when people exercise. Owch. DRM physically bad for your ears?
  • New York Public Library offers free access to language learning courses from, a $150 value.
  • Internet not actually good for job hunts.
  • hopes to add OpenID support (eventually). It’s a distributed “micro-blogging” platform. Fear vendor lock-in; implements the open micro-blogging standard. Community organizations are especially vulnerable to vendor-lock in.
  • Free as in beer is an open source cultural reference. But wait, there is actually a “free beer”.
  • How to create your own secure, yet memorable, password algorithm: use the name of the site you’re on combined with a secret prefix to create unique passwords for each site.
  • Financial software to help you do taxes: versus Quicken or Microsoft Money. helps you file taxes electronically, possibly for free! Also, online government tools exist at, for instance, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.
  • PDFs should be used better than they are; PDF creators can use PDFs as online, electronic forms. Lots to learn about Adobe’s products for free at
  • Newer Microsoft Word document formats cause pain for the uninformed. Also, will newer versions of the PDF standard stay backwards compatible with older PDF files?

Listening to myself is a bit odd, and makes me realize just how quickly I speak. I need to learn to slow down a little. Nonetheless, I think I did okay, although I suppose I should have plugged my own web dev book a bit more. Meh, whatever. I was just there to have a good time, and I did exactly that—it’s incredible how quickly an hour goes by when you’re having fun!

Still, I’d love to hear feedback from listeners, as I very much welcome constructive criticism of what I could have done better and how. I’m also hopeful that I’ll get even more opportunities to chat with Lena, Javier, and the rest of the Technocolor crew semi-regularly from now on, since she mentioned something about being able to Skype me in even after I move to San Francisco.

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  1. Nice show! (Curiously) way above the majority of tech-related podcasts I used to listen to. You don’t speak quickly enough to be seizure-inducing, even for a foreign listener ;) As an open education enthusiast myself, I tremendously value initiatives like the mentioned Stanford U. offer, though I’d like to see a future scenario where employers will take more seriously an emitted certificate from a big (independent) scholar, or big name in the industry, than a traditional college diploma.

  2. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the show, Gladstone, and even more so that I was understandable even to non-native English speakers. :)

    I’m a middle- and high-school drop out, so I’m a huge advocate of self-learning and free education. In fact, the only schooling I didn’t drop out of was college—because I never went! Today more than ever before, it’s more easily possible to achieve great things without traditional schooling. Not only are the free resources getting better and better, school is (IMHO) getting worse and worse.

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