My tweets on 2009-11-30

Watch ♺ @KinkOnTap: Tonight's panelists @filamentmag & @SyzygyMagazine. We'll talk dirty mags, female gaze & more! # @urbantantrika Depends on habit of online #community. I prefer combo of social network+email. Use specific outlets for specific communiqués. in reply to urbantantrika # @urbantantrika Ah. Consider making an "octopus network." 1 central site (WordPress MU?) w/many […]

My tweets on 2009-11-29

Back in San Francisco but in a bit of a daze from the week. Ate breakfast, complained to Chase Bank (still/again/fuck you, Chase). Now…work? # New #KFADC vids: @writingdirty's Writing About Sex & @helio_girl's Wandering Out of Closet # Today felt really odd. I just finished a sound check for tomorrow's @KinkOnTap, earlier […]

My tweets on 2009-11-28

Lazy days can be a luxury worth indulging in. Strangely, I did wake from a bad dream in which my boyfriend died from an allergy to chicpeas. # I have lots of trouble staying put. If my body isn't active, my brain has to be. I get antsy & frustrated if I'm not experiencing something. […]

My tweets on 2009-11-27

In Michigan for Thanksgiving dinner w/ @helio_girl's family conversation starts w/my applicability as holiday sacrifice. This is going well. # Ok, I'm checking you out @Sexipedia. But I'm instantly annoyed by log in/make acct requirement just to see Main Page. Onerous & off putting. in reply to Sexipedia # @Sexipedia Hitting Random Page lots, I […]

My tweets on 2009-11-25

@BritLuckyPaul Are you serious? No #sexuality events are more prone to #adultism than ones you call #kink. TNG's young is 35 for christsake! in reply to BritLuckyPaul # @nikolasco I love that you+others want people to show up to @KinkForAll yet I don't think we need to compromise or appease to succeed in it. in […]

My tweets on 2009-11-24

@MollyRen You'd be surprised how many folk probably do listen to what you have to say online—I'm always meeting lurkers who somehow know me. in reply to MollyRen # #KFADC was great! Now @helio_girl & I drive 7hrs back to Providence. Hopefully we'll make it in time for @KinkOnTap at 8. Will tweet if not! […]

My tweets on 2009-11-23

#KFADC was great! Now @helio_girl & I drive 7hrs back to Providence. Hopefully we'll make it in time for @KinkOnTap at 8. Will tweet if not! # #Traffic clusterfucks lost us lots of time. Not canceling @KinkOnTap yet but we might start 30min late. More updates soon. Wish us godspeed! # Sadly, hrs in #traffic […]

My tweets on 2009-11-22

♺ @KinkForAll #KFADC is a free day of #sex #education presos. Just show up & help if you can. How? More # Touched down in Providence. Managed some rest if not sleep on the flight. Got more writing and thinking done on my #KFADC presentation, tho. # Super excited to see @helio_girl once […]

My tweets on 2009-11-21

Does any1 know if #KFADC will have a #digital #projector? If not, where can I get one to make sure it does? Preferably cheap, rental option. # @livingsexuality Talk to @clarissethorn, who started the Sex+++ documentary #film #series in Chicago. I think she'll offer some good advice. in reply to livingsexuality # Working at a […]