My tweets on 2009-12-29

Must-read post by @rohitkare abt "industrial-scale #identity theft," aka social networks: #Privacy Theater ♺ @crucially # Saw most disgusting #Christian ad ever: "Spiritual life becomes easy when you forsake what you know for the Word." In NYC subway! For shame! # @Adisson89 Right? Not even pretending to be empowering! Wish more religious propagandists showed […]

My tweets on 2009-12-28

I want to cry. Can't I get 1 day, just ONE f'n series of 24 consecutive hours, where something doesn't break or stress me out or keep me up? # @AnneDouglas That's my plan. When I get to @helio_girl's, I swear you'll not hear (much of) a peep out of me for as long as […]

My tweets on 2009-12-27

An hour & a half to find a precision screwdriver but Radio Shack's tools are money down the toilet. I hate this fucking consumer culture. :( # Need a screwdriver that's not total shit (ie not Radio Shack crap) to get at hard disk in dead laptop. This should NOT be such a f'n ordeal. […]

My tweets on 2009-12-26

This is my first Christmas in years w/o a tree. I'm actually glad. At the same time, today reminds me how fractured and broken my family is. # Sexuals PLS read♺ @sexgenderbody Asexual curiosities: So just what do you do all day? "How often…do you spend on girls?" # What do I do on […]

My tweets on 2009-12-25

#TV #commercials genuinely scare and depress me. I'm astonished how blatantly patronizing so many are. Are the masses really that dumb? #ads # Waiting for my connecting flight en-route to #NYC for an all-too-brief vacation I'm post-processing #KFADC videos by Morgan, @DDog & Gerard. # Motivations many have to call EVERYTHING "gender" is unhelpful. #Gender […]

My tweets on 2009-12-24

#Sex and #sexuality related #wikis: #WikiWednesday # @ijulien Any news word on releasing #Tumblrize 1.3.6? It's on my @GitHub for 2mos now: Would it be better for me to fork? # Exactly what is abt!♺ @cand86 My status on sex workers' rights+ensuing debate was last straw, made my bud leave […]

My tweets on 2009-12-23

Trying SO HARD to connect w/$job but excruciatingly difficult to care when I should be supporting & # Also stuff like ♺ @SaraEileen: Did you know 7 US States ban atheists from public office? via @AudaciaRay @TheUndomestic # In developer hell. No way to do A because of B but not way […]

My tweets on 2009-12-22

Oh. My. Fucking. God. Why the ONE morning I decide I need a day off I get woken up 4 times by random coincidences? Innocent intent, but WHY? # Exactly what I wanted to say on #KinkOnTap yesterday: "Making #privacy an individual option takes it away from the poor." # @seraglioletters That's exactly what […]

My tweets on 2009-12-21

I finally got so annoyed at so often hearing the incessant thudding coming from apt next door, I left a note for them asking for it to stop. # @diabola @sexgenderbody Wow, triggers ALL SORTS of my anger/frustration re a lack of role models for submissive men. :( in reply to diabola # @diabola […]

My tweets on 2009-12-20

Perfect. See you there! :) # Love! Just woke up. Heading for breakfast with Sarah Dopp. Then sound check at 4:30. # As if I need more reason to dump #Chase: Chase Giving contest criticized as politically exclusionary via @kcelentano # @maymaym Be careful who you text to or failing that don't send text […]