How to work around “sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo” without sacrificing security

While working on $client‘s Linux server last week, I found myself installing a cron job that ran as root. The cron job called a custom bash script that, in turn, called out to various custom maintenance tasks client had already written. One task in particular had to run as a different user. During testing, I […]

What if the Ten Commandments were affirmative instead of negative?

Of the Ten Commandments, only 3 are phrased in the affirmative. The other 7 are phrased as negatives. Why? Doesn’t that seem kind of oppressive to anyone else? Here’s the Ten Commandments as listed on Wikipedia: I am the Lord your God You shall not make for yourself an idol You shall not make wrongful […]

My tweets on 2010-05-25

I ♥ my server logs, too. ;) ♺ @ConfidentInCali: Checking my server logs, some people read my blog at church! Presbyterians are kinky freaks. # Proud of myself for my Spanish translation at I impressed 2 native speakers! Vote to get us even more resources! # ♺ @KinkForAll Thinking abt your KinkForAll presentation topic […]

My tweets on 2010-03-06

KinkForAll San Francisco venue contract signed+sealed+delivered: Pls SIGN UP if you haven't yet: #KFASF # ♺ @KinkForAll Signed up for KinkForAll San Francisco yet? It's free & helps us estimate participation levels! Thx! #KFASF # Credit card statements are like little time machines. Every line-item is a #memory transporting me to the […]

My tweets on 2010-03-05

♺ @agahran ROFL! Mark Fiore's cartoon is the BEST COMMENTARY EVER on #healthcare debate: "Plummeting Death Reform" #hcr # ♺ @KinkForAll: You're invited to a free unconference about sexuality+life on Mar 21 at the Women's Bldg.! RT this invite. # @pearlbear False! NY DC RI MA in reply to […]

My tweets on 2010-03-04

Looking over contract for #KFASF at Women's Building on Mar 21. Almost there but I'm still $290 short. Can you donate at # isn't leading cuz competition got 500+ votes in 1 day. Oh, Internet. :) S'ok; we're gonna do SEE anyway. /cc @audaciaray # @audaciaray Ya, I know. =) Frankly, I'm thrilled […]

My tweets on 2010-03-03

♺ @cand86: "You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out God hates all the same people you do." -Anne Lamott # Hm. Coffee Party (middle-class Americans) emerges from Facebook fan page in response to anti-gov't Tea Party: #government # ♺ @KinkForAll: Some topics: "From Google to Gender," […]

My tweets on 2010-03-02

Excited by how quickly word-of-mouth is spreading news of #KFASF If you're thinking of coming don't forget to sign up at # Empower #youth to spread knowledge of sexual #rights Vote for SexEdEverywhere w/1 click at Tell your friends! # Whoa, Free & web-based graphics software claiming to be as powerful as […]

My tweets on 2010-03-01

Groggily waking up after much-needed 10hr night's rest & extra 1hr long snooze. Catching up on @KinkOnTap topics @helio_girl's been finding. # Thrilled to almost be halfway to #KFASF $$ goal! Wanna help make a free+open to public sexuality unconference in #SF See # Shared my excitement for what I learned from @BillTaverner during […]