My tweets on 2010-05-31

♺ @aspacewithin: What I love abt @KinkOnTap is that you all say the things I want to, but articulately, instead of "thats dumb & oppressive" # Groggily waking up after bizarre #dreams involving a water-bus, derelict buildings & naked friends. /cc @helio_girl @Kalyana @pledgemistress # @pledgemistress "A water-bus" is a bus that rode on flooded […]

My tweets on 2010-05-30

Can't yet pinpoint why this implementation bothers me. ♺ @raquelita: #iPhone app fights street #harassment /by @ihollaback # @thattoychick Maybe. I'm unsure if misuse by women is the core issue, but something like the @ihollaback #iPhone app is a slippery slope. :\ in reply to thattoychick # Outcry over 14yr hard labor sentencing of […]

My tweets on 2010-05-29

@WickedFaust @KinkForAll Yeah, I'd LOVE to see a KinkForAll Seattle. It's such a sex-positive city! /cc @zalsoa @kalyana @ladysun333 #KFASEA in reply to WickedFaust # @Graydancer @Ropecast Did you post your #LLC XIV presentation slides re GRUE? I took notes in your sessi … # Dear #lazyweb #VMware Server 2.0.2 refuses to compile w/Kernel […]

My tweets on 2010-05-28

After #work mtg, colleague gave me nicest #compliment ever: "The vocabulary you use to express ideas is #inspiring especially as a techie." # @violetblue If you're truly serious about protesting that, I can put you in touch with some Boston locals who're considering similar things. in reply to violetblue # @Kalyana Haha! :) Long distance […]

My tweets on 2010-05-27

I woke to sad news of #family member's passing. It reminds me at once how close & how distant I am from family, how small & big "family" is. # Twitter Tools @WordPress #plugin failed to capture tweets from #Sex20 Does anyone know why it sometimes annoyingly just stops updating? #wp # OH! THAT'S why […]

My tweets on 2010-05-26

Impressed with generosity of some giving EdenFantasys "benefit of the doubt." Here's why I find it misplaced: /cc @aagblog # ♺ @WickedFaust Loved #Sex20 Check out @KinkForAll. Similar intention, new format. Jun 12 in DC cc @zalsoa @scarletlotus # Nice! @CastleMegaStore published video of #Sex20 session I lead #Internet #transparency, #accessibility #accountability […]

My tweets on 2010-05-25

So nice to see Twitter avatars of typical-sounding prodommes turn from pics of objectified women to bound men shown on # ♺ @KinkForAll: #KFADC2 coming up fast! Sign up & join pre-event brainstorm by suggesting topics you're passionate about! # @Juliettia Your blog showcases your talent for artistry of all kinds nicely. Loved […]

Cross-post: Edenfantasys’s unethical technology is a self-referential black hole

This entry was originally published at my other blog. I’m cross-posting it here in order to make sure it gets copied to more servers, as some people have suggested I’ll face a cease and desist order for publishing it in the first place. Please help distribute this important information by freely copying and republishing this […]