My tweets on 2010-05-31

  • ♺ @aspacewithin: What I love abt @KinkOnTap is that you all say the things I want to, but articulately, instead of "thats dumb & oppressive" #
  • Groggily waking up after bizarre #dreams involving a water-bus, derelict buildings & naked friends. /cc @helio_girl @Kalyana @pledgemistress #
  • @pledgemistress "A water-bus" is a bus that rode on flooded streets & leapt over waterfall-like urban "cliffs." Yay for cheering #dreams :) in reply to pledgemistress #
  • Hehe! "Ad busters" in notoriously liberal Berlin poke fun at #Apple #039;s Steve Jobs' "freedom from porn" stance: #KinkOnTap #
  • When people compliment me saying, "You're a genius," I often want to respond, "You have no idea how fine the line is." #StayAlive #gratitude #