My tweets on 2010-06-28

  • More on .xxx #Internet TLD: This ICM Registry sponsor is starting to sound lots like a #corporatism cartel—mafia style. #
  • "Here's how to really fuck the GOP: Keep coming out," Dan Savage says. Totally agree. You hide, you die inside. #GLBT #
  • For some reason, I find these PostSecret accidental #orgasm tales unreasonably sexy: Also, @TheCSPH's new blog is GREAT! #
  • Finished recording @KinkOnTap 47 w/@RabbitWhite & @LenaChen. I felt off my game due to overwork but, they both sounded great! :) Thx, you 2! #
  • Feel very #isolated tonight & I can't tell if that's a good or bad #feeling right now. I did nothing for pride, but I think I'm cool w/that. #
  • Aw! Literally, you just made my day! :D Thx! ♺ @LorelieBrown: @maymaym You do pride awareness all year. I should hope you're fine w/that. ;) #