My tweets on 2010-06-10

Heading out with @SarahDopp to the Online Community Unconference, #OCU10 For the record, yes, it is cruel and unusual to hold a con at 8AM. # Introduced myself at #ocu10 with the tag "free #underculture " There are a lot of interesting people here. Quite a number are self-employed. # Some at #ocu10 are new […]

My tweets on 2010-06-09

Win 2 tickets to PolyCamp Too in B.C. July 9-12, courtesy @helio_girl & @KinkOnTap! Write comment on by June 21 to enter. # Now, the age-old question: ditch my plans and go home (work more), or do I go out to this tech "authors' happy hour" thing I got invited to? # Okay, so […]

Quick and Dirty: Clone Custom Field, Template Linked Files on Movable Type

Movable Type is a pretty frustrating platform to work with because every so often (or, “way too often,” depending on who you ask) a function of the system simply doesn’t do what you’d expect it to do. Such is the case with the “Clone Blog” functionality. Although it dutifully copies most of a website from […]

My tweets on 2010-06-08

#KFADC2 @TheDCCenter is June 12, this weekend! Are you coming? Be sure to RSVP It's free! /via @KinkForAll cc @TheSexist # Awesome story of sex-positivity from a 2yo girl: "I want to feel the wind on my vagina." /by @jmatlin via @cindygallop1 # Quoting @MissCalico: "I believe that many things are wrong with […]

My tweets on 2010-06-07

Far be it frm #antiporn founder Dr Gail Dines to let mere reality stop her crusade #proporn # "One of the benefits of the #sex positive movement to asexuals is emphasis on consent and personal freedom." #asexuality # ♺ @chameleongirl Spent all my recent public transport trips listening to @KinkOnTap podcasts. VERY […]

My tweets on 2010-06-06

"Stunning" new figures show mens' acceptance of #GLBT rise sharply 3 hypothesized causes, each awesome! /via @MiaOnTop # "What we forbid ourselves we pay good money to watch […. O]ur palaces of entertainment tell the #truth " —Salmon Rushdie # Speaking of #truth & #entertainment far and away wins most intriguing new […]

My tweets on 2010-06-05

"best way to get [ppl] to respect your brand? … make responsible, ethical business decisions." Just like # Not just biz! ♺ @agahran In news biz I rarely see situ where it's more useful to view others as competitors. Potential collaborators abound! # Tools to open print #publishing to everyone: Very cool […]

My tweets on 2010-06-04

Dear #proporn folk, do not call #antiporn folk freaks. They are WAY more dangerous than that! See comment: /cc @violetblue # YES: "Social networking radically alters the choice architecture of coming out of the closet." Remember: # #Drupal developer wanted at tech+social impact #nonprofit I'm tempted by @NetSquared, but I've a […]

My tweets on 2010-06-03

Clear ignorance+conflation of terms in @CNN report on Pakistani 'khusra' arrested for alleged marriage: /cc @KateBornstein # How a bill becomes a #law A #flowchart of the version I wish was actually shown in school. /by @mikewirth via @diabola # So. Fucked. Up. Britain wants to give alleged rapists anonymity protections, legally: […]

My tweets on 2010-06-02

The other #Sex20 session I was helping lead, "#Media Whoring: Tips from the Pros" is online /via @castlemegastore #social # Seriously. Just do it & kill Flash. ♺ @DmitryBaranovsk: Dear #Google if you really support #WebStandards put #SVG in your bloody #Android # I'm sympathetic, not apologetic, about responses to my demeanor. I do […]